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IMF Mobile App

Inspired Mobile Fitness has it’s own Mobile App!

How Does it Work?
Have your Trainer build a customized training plan for you. Meet with your Trainer and discuss your fitness goals and workout options (gym/home) and equipment you have access to. Bring your workouts to the gym or do at home. Workout when it is convenient for you and still be held accountable by your Trainer! Track your progress. Your Trainer can review your progress and tweak your training plan. Sign up and start your fitness journey today!
Steps to Begin Using App:
Step 1
Download the IMF app through email sent from trainer.
Step 2
Log into App using username and password given in email and create a new password.

Step 3
Open App and look at your first customized training plan built especially for your fitness goals.

Step 4
Start workout!
Step 5
Check box as complete each exercise, submit workout when completed.

Step 6
Communicate with your trainer and stay motivated!
General IMF App Menu:

Start Next WorkoutChat with CoachTrack ProgressNotifications
Here you can check the box as you complete each exercise, mark as completed and submit once finished.
Use this as a way to message your Trainer while using the app for the workout.
Here you can click on the assessment you want to make changes to. This is a great way to stay on track and see your progress.
Messages from the Trainer can be seen here.
$50/month for customized online training
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