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Silver Strength

Inspired Mobile Fitness will be offering “Silver Strength” in Fishhawk Ranch.

Silver Strength will be held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the Aquatic Club at 9:15am.

This indoor fitness class is geared towards Seniors looking for a low impact way to become stronger and to get into better shape.. We will work on building strength, improving balance, develop flexibility and enhance cardiovascular endurance.

We already offer “Gentle Yoga” and “RockStar Fit Camp” in the community. Silver Strength will compliment Gentle Yoga as a low impact group fitness option which will be a lot less intense and more suitable for Seniors than our current bootcamp, RockStar Fit Camp.

Come try us out as the first class is FREE!

Class Schedule:
  • Tuesday @ 9:15AM
  • Thursday @ 9:15AM
  • Single Class Pass $10
  • Unlimited Classes $65 Monthly
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